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2 Types of Electric Heat Pump Systems in Vancouver

Electric heat pumps are one of the most commonly installed heating systems in Vancouver WA. There are 2 types of installations that you will be presented with when considering this type of heating system. There is the Ducted Heat Pump and the Ductless Heat Pump.

Electric Heat Pump or Elecric Furnace?

An electric heat pump is a better choice than an electric furnace because of the efficiency. An electric furnace will use a lot more electricity (energy) to heat your home than an electric heat pump. This is because an electric furnace (don’t forget to do regular furnace maintenance if you have one of these) directly uses electricity to produce heat. In a sense you are converting electricity into heat and the amount of heat produced is directly proportional to the amount of electricity used. In comes the electric heat pump.

The heat pump does not directly use electricity to produce heat. It uses electricy as a power source and then transfers heat from one place to another. It uses the concept of compression causes heating and expansion causes cooling.

An Electric Heat Pump can Heat and Cool

Did you know that a heat pump is also an air conditioner. It simply reverses the process it uses to heat your home and cools it instead. Contact us about Vancouver Air Conditioning Installs

In heating mode, the outdoor coil absorbs heat from the outside air or ground, and the refrigerant absorbs this heat and becomes a gas. The compressor then compresses the gas, which increases its temperature. The hot gas then flows to the indoor coil, where it releases heat to warm up the indoor air. The fan in the indoor unit circulates the warm air throughout the space.

In cooling mode, the process is simply reversed. The refrigerant absorbs heat not from the outside air but from the indoor air, becomes a gas, and flows to the outdoor unit. The compressor then compresses the gas, which increases its temperature. The hot gas then flows through the outdoor coil, where it releases heat to the outside air, and the refrigerant condenses back into a liquid. The liquid refrigerant then flows back to the indoor unit, where the cycle begins again.

The indoor and outdoor units on an electric heat pump work together to transfer heat back and forth.

Ducted Heat Pump

Chances your home already has a system of ducts installed from a previous heating system. You can use this system to install the most common type of heat pump system. This is the ducted heat pump and it does provides superior air circulation because the air is flowing through the ventilation system of ducts. Without this preexisting or newly installed system of ducts you will need additional air handlers installed throughout the home. This does produce the cleanest look and better air circulation then the 2nd type of heat pump system.

Ductless Heat Pump

Vancouver WA Mini Split Heat Pump

This is more commonly known as the mini-split system. Because there are no preexisting ducts in the home or you chose not to install these ducts you will need the ductless heat pump or mini split system. These systems are very common and do save you the expense of installing a system of ducts throughout your home.

While ducted systems have better circulation, if not maintained or cleaned regularly, they can also circulate dust and other air pollutants. Ductless heat pumps don’t have this problem. This makes them an ideal heating solution for individuals suffering from asthma and allergies. There is an added benefit of being able to control thetemperature on a room to room basis because the air handlers in each room can run separately from each other. This can lower your utility bill and save you dollars.

A similar effect can be achieved with a ducted system by adjusting the ducts in a room or closing them off completely if the room is not used.


We hope this short explanation helps you understand more about the heat pump you are considering. Contact Vancouver WA HVAC today for all your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning needs. For our affiliates farther north you can check out Bellingham HVAC for all your Heating and AC needs!

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